I JUST FINISHED watching the 10th episode of season one of Smallville. It’s an interesting story. How could it not be? It’s about superman. Well I am not here to discuss about superman in one more post, that too back to back. Today I am gonna tell you about my struggle. Yes, my struggle, take it as a Mein Kampf part two, (apology to Hitler).

THE STORY GOT its plot way back in 2010, when my eldest brother brought me a very much modern mobile phone, it was Samsung Monte :) I had now internet on my mobile, more than that I was able to connect it with my PC. I remember how badly I had tried once to get an internet connection on Airtel, when the charge for one month was Rs 249, now is just 98, with almost unlimited browsing. Time, indeed has changed, so does the technology, and so does everything. But one thing that has not changed yet is my struggle with these mobile companies for internet. I never thought of taking a bsnl broadband connection, actually being honest I had once, but they did not install the landline phone so there was no chance of broadband. Lets come back to present, not exactly present though. When I was in college I used Aircel for internet and then for few days Tata Docomo. Both were fine, more than fine. I was happy. I didn’t want downloads and browsing was fast enough. This was the only time when I was happy with my internet connection.

WHEN I CAME back to my home, finally, I knew I cannot use Docomo here, because my family had a Docomo sim, and we found so much difficulties in talking why my family talked to me with that phone. So, I cut the Docomo’s name from the list very early. The choice was mine. I was standing at this store, I know that man, and he is just few years older than me. So, we have a pretty good relation. I was asking him about the networks, as I presumed he didn’t have much knowledge about internet speeds though he told me all the plans for every network. I decided to take Vodafone for some reason, I don’t know why. Let’s say Vodafone was previously main sponsor of Manchester united and I am a big fan of this team, I am happy they are performing well, haven’t lost any of games yet this season :). So I came back home, connected my phone to PC and started browsing. I was surprised, amazed by seeing the speed, it was faster than I had ever experienced. I thanked him, that store keeper.

I HAD BEEN to Aligarh for few days. When I connected the internet there, it was not working quite well. But I was able to Gtalk, with some disconnectivity (ohh..None of this kind of word exists :)). I had to reconnect it several times. I was annoyed, my friends were annoyed. And it was too slow. After two days, we changed the room, for some other reason :). Did you guess?? Yes, the speed of internet was awesome there, like it was back in form. I wondered how just 100 meter can make a huge difference. I thought the good days have started for me. Second night when I was chatting with one of my friend, it got disconnected. The worst thing was that I had to restart my phone almost every time before connecting again. I didn’t believe what I saw, on the screen of my phone, it was written idea. How was that possible? I could not figure out. I and Ruchi (guess you remember the girl with the blue shade) believed that idea has a crush on my Vodafone. It was an interesting story that we came up with, but we thought Vodafone has a bad character, because it is already married to Hutch. Why Idea now? It was more frustrating now, like I had started to believe that theory. Well I decided to switch to Idea, thought its network was pretty much attractive in that room. I went out but all I could end up with was a Tata Docomo once more. I didn’t recharge the net pack, came back to my room and checked. It was fine, in fact fastest. As I was changing the networks, the speed was increasing too :).

THE REAL PROBLEM started when I came back. My brother, PS sent me money to buy a data card. I was imagining, how better it would be. While I was using internet, it got disconnected and then never got connected. I believed on my instincts that it was just a network problem. I bought a O2 data card that evening. But the Vodafone was resistant enough, it was looking like, it’s taking a revenge for separating it from Idea back there in Aligarh. I almost threw away the Vodafone, recharged in smart, my orissa’s number. Got a suggestion, from a friend of mine, that smart works more than fine here in this region. But it was not. I guess that 100 meter thing was ruling here. I went back to that store-keeper, bought an Idea SIM. It worked the okay-okay type. In the meantime, I checked Vodafone; it looks like it’s recovering from the coma. But I was not satisfied. Checked Airtel, it was not good enough. So, I went back to that store asked for a BSNL SIM card as Manish had suggested me, but that guy didn’t sell BSNL. I came back to home. Now, I am using Vodafone’s internet. Just when I feel that it’s speed is coming back, like it was in earlier days, it gets disconnected. Let’s see what happens next.

Will be here soon