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good bye


Its been a long journey….

I learned so much.

Na, na, na.. I am not going anywhere..I am just switching to my personal domain: its me!!! sharan :)

It’s my 99th post and I am starting to write on my new website: starting with 100th post as 1st post.

Wish me luck.

It is requested to you to please, from next time onwards please visit my website as I will be deleting this account asap.

Thanks to all..

unfortunately, will not be here anymore :(

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chetan, you need to wake up!!!


Okay, first thing, I don’t write about social issues generally but this topic attracted me because I did not like this statement. It is one of the best examples of showing how stupid you are. This statement was given by the youth icon-author Chetan Bhagat, mentioning N R Narayan Murthi, he said,

It is ironic when someone who runs a body shopping company and calls it hi-tech, makes sweeping comments on the quality of IIT students

I am not here to show how badly I hate this statement and this man. But if I had to reply and my voice could reach there I would have said this in same manner,

It is mere stupidity and foolishness to comment about the person, who has done so much for the country, in such a way from a person who merely got his publicity by some books which are read, to my best knowledge, in India only and got the support of youth of the country by writing what we call masala-mix in Bollywood. Frankly speaking, I don’t find anything valuable in Chetan bhagat’s books. Perhaps my opinion in this field is not important but I have read about 75-80 books and I can find what’s there in a book and what should be there. I read 2 books of him, because I wanted to and after that 3rd one because my brother had given me as gift on my birthday.

In 2010, Time magazine selected him in a list of 100 most influential persons. Wikipedia shows only this and I don’t think he has got any awards or honor other than that. Shall I list down about N R Narayan Murthy’s? I don’t think you won’t be interested in reading a 2-3 page article so I am saving my readership :) by not mentioning about his honors and awards.

I don’t think I need to mention where Chetan Bhagat stands in front of Mr Murthy. Honestly speaking I don’t know why I am writing this. One good reason can be, I want you to read and post your comment. I know Chetan is not going to read this, but I am giving you some space to share your opinion. I think I am diverting from the line that I am not here to show my hatred and I am doing that.

I just wanted to let people know what I thought about his statement, I wish my statement could reach in his knowledge and give him even 5 percent of sense so that next time before speaking about people like them, he will think 100 times that, there is a person who is going to hate him for speaking against such great people.

Will be here soon


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